Valco Baby Zee review

I’ll be the first to admit that I have an addiction to pushchairs, prams and strollers. The transport of my children is a fundamental element of our lives. Being able to transport a screaming toddler or a sleeping baby is pretty important to me as a mom. Because we all know being stuck in the house with small children for an extended period equates to torture. I’ve yet to find the golden truffle of strollers, though don’t worry I’ll work my way through them all at this rate!

The Valco Baby Zee has been a little work horse, it’s transported my little guy over a variety of terrain and whilst I wouldn’t reccomendbit it as an all terrain stroller it’s been great at tackling mom-terrain. Grass, park mulch, dusty national trust paths, the odd cobbled street and yes, even the dreaded commuter packed train into London. It has solid tires, though pneumatic tires are available at extra cost, I do wish I had tried these out, but as it was the standard ones worked just fine. It’s a pretty stylish stroller that folds up surprisingly compact at 21.5″ W x 28.5″ L x  16″ H. The fold on a pushchair is extremely important to me. Taking kids out requires supplies, it’s like a military operation getting my children anywhere, requiring quite a bit of accompanying kit. This all takes up valuable space in the car so the more compact the pushchair the better. Generally it needs to fit along side shopping or suitcases in the back of the car too.

The Valco Zee is pretty lightweight too at just 18 lbs it rivals my umbrella stroller. This is handy when your slinging it in and out of cars or collapsing it to get onto a train or bus.

Where the Zee falls down is in its ability to change into a double. There is an accompanying jokey seat which attaches to the front of the stroller and allowed my rather exuberant toddler to swing his feet perilously close to my newborn beneath him.

A few other niggles include a fiddley mechanism for adjusting the height of the harness straps, I also found the clasp at the front of the harness became less and less easy to do up over time. It seemed to stop snapping in and would occasionally come undone if it hadn’t been clicked in properly.

Overall the Zee is pretty competitive, ticking  most of the boxes it sets out to. It’s a fairly compact stroller which provides a comfortable place for your little one to ride. With a few little features like an extendable hood (it really is huge!), adjustable foot rest and a well supported seat and back it makes for a very good option for those who will only ever need it to be a single seat pushchair.


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