He’s just not that into you

imageYou know the first few weeks? The ones where your bobbing and constantly swaying in an effort to gain that precious five minutes of peace? I mistakenly thought as my last son had enjoyed his swing that perhaps my newest bundle of joy might also share his brother’s penchant for the magical rocking motions. Boy was I wrong! (Unsurprisingly I’m wrong a lot.)

In my efforts to acquire every possible useful bit of baby gear going I seem to have accomplished buying little that the new baby has approved of. His Fisherprice take along swing adorned with delightful woodland creatures? Hates it. The über expensive easywalker double buggy? Hates it. The swaddleme blanket his brother couldn’t sleep without? Hates it. Most of my successful purchases have been discovered post baby being born. Babies it seems, or at least my babies, are born picky with their minds thoroughly made up as to what they do and do not want. No amount of swaying, bird song or vibration is about to change their minds. Sorry fisherprice swing, mommy loves your space saving features, your woodland animals and your variety of soothing sounds, baby however just is not that into you.


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