The Toddler Hit List: Children’s TV my son loves and so do I

Like most toddlers when my son finds something he likes, be it a song, a book or a tv show, he will enjoy it over and over and over again…and so will I. So I’ve compiled a list of TV shows which he loves and I do too, because let’s face it if he’s going to watch the same shows over and over again I had better be on board with them too.

Number 1 on the toddler hit list currently is PJ Masks. This show has been released by Disney Junior and features three little super heroes, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. It’s an animated preschool tv show based on the French picture book series Les Pyjamasques. The toddler loves it for its colourful characters and action packed story lines. Mommy loves it for its cute animation and useful lessons. It gives us something to talk further about.

Number 2 is the classic Sesame Street, which although we live in the UK can still be accessed and watched via podcast and their YouTube channel. The toddler loves the variety of characters, the humour and the fun way in which letters and numbers are taught. He of course loves Elmo and his world as well as the slap stick antics of Grover and the gang. Mom loves that he is learning whilst having fun and can remember many of the songs and characters from when she was a girl.

Coming in at number 3 on the list is Masha and the Bear. The toddler found this on his own and loves this Russian animation. It is apparently based on a Russian folk tale and the characters of Masha a mischievous little girl and her friend Bear are highly entertaining whilst retaining an old fashioned fairy tale feel.

Finally the fourth choice on the list is the CBBC show Bing! It features a bunny called Bing and his carer Flop. Not only is Bing a very relatable character for the toddler he’s also accompanied by Flop who is an expert at keeping his cool and teaching life lessons to the young bunny. Adding a bit of cache to the show, Flop is voiced by Mark Rylance, who is just brilliantly cast.


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